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Image 1


In this photo, many people are sitting in a restaurant or cafe. In the foreground, an old man with white hair is sitting at a table with someone. Behind him, many other people are sitting together in small groups. There are many hanging from the ceiling. In the mid-ground on the right, a server appears to be serving someone food. 


Image 2

In this photo, we see two escalators. It looks like it could be in a subway station. It looks like it is somewhere in Asia because of the writing in the advertisements. One person is going up the escalator on the left, but at least six people are coming down the escalator on the right. The lighting is low so the interior seems dark. On the right, the man closest to the camera is wearing a brightly-colored shirt and a backpack.


Image 3

A group of people are playing soccer (football) on a soccer field. In the center of the photo, two men are trying to get to the ball. The man in the dark uniform has a bandage on his leg. In the top right, another player is watching. On the left, many people are watching from the sideline. In the background, the field is in shade. 


Image 4

This photograph shows a produce market. Many different fruits and vegetables are for sale here. Everything is displayed in wooden crates. It appears to be an outdoor market with a fabric cover for a roof. Several people are shopping in the market, but we can’t see what they’re looking at. 


Image 5

In this photograph, some people are working together in an office. Three men on the left are laughing and looking at something on a laptop screen. Two of the men are wearing hats. The closest man has a drink. On the right, we can see another person and someone’s hand. There are many papers on the table. Behind the table, there are tall bookshelves filled with many books, magazines, and binders.